The French Academy Baret Fr®¶d®¶ricvegetation remote sensing expert Professor Key Laboratory D lecture

Posted on:03-22-2017 09:17:22

In January 5, 2016, the French Academy of Baret Fr D ric professor of environmental health director of remote sensing researcher Cao Chunxiang invited to the State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science of "Development of global satellite biophysical products for monitoring the vegetation at the global scale", and visited the room of remote sensing on environmental health, the lecture was hosted by Professor Cao Chunxiang, nearly 60 students passion in.
Baret Fr D is chief scientist Professor ric EMMAH is the French Academy of Agricultural Sciences Laboratory, agricultural science, fields of plant physiology ecology and vegetation remote sensing internationally renowned experts, has published more than 300 articles, the total cited more than 10 thousand times, up to 46 H-index.
In the lecture, Baret Fr D Professor ric describes the status of global bio physical product development at global scale vegetation monitoring, and conducted exchanges and interaction with the presence of graduate students, researcher bo. After the seminar visited the district environmental demonstration system and comprehensive evaluation of the earth observing system engineering laboratory high satellite application service platform in the fragile ecological chamber of remote sensing on environmental health, and exchanged views on possible future cooperation.

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