Cultural construction

Eleven years of cultural heritage style (four) collective birthday

Posted on:03-22-2017 09:41:03
Joining the Star remote sensing task force is a very rare life experience, in many years of growth has left a precious memory. Cao teacher under the guidance of the collective birthday party this cultural activities has been passed on for many years
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Heritage of the cultural style of the eleven set (I) in 2016 the star group photo

Posted on:03-22-2017 09:37:49
Since its inception in 2006, after eleven years of spring and Autumn period, this is the brilliant of the eleven, it is worth remembering the eleven. In Cao Chunxiang under the leadership of teachers
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Inheritance of cultural style eleven (Two) Tea Corner& Book Corner

Posted on:03-22-2017 09:36:12
February 22, 2017, the star group Tea Corner& Book Corner open! Cao teacher guidance, organized and implemented by the life committee Wu Chunying students, members of the task force together, so that the stars of the group to build a higher level of cultural construction, cultural life more colorful.
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Inheritance of eleven cultural style (three) record wonderful moments

Posted on:03-22-2017 09:32:37
Cao teachers under the leadership of the Department of environmental health remote sensing diagnosis of all members to actively organize and participate in various sports activities, enhance physical fitness exercise
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