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Starlight remote sensing Love Fund

 2006, Cao Chunxiang researcher gave up the opportunity to promote in the organization, the creation of a single star remote sensing research group, which is the predecessor of the remote sensing group of environmental health. Cao teachers in the team building process, attaches great importance to the construction of culture and morality, especially love dedication and transmission. The internal members of the research group, Cao teachers are very concerned about the lives of everyone, in all ways to give you help and love. She took a year from his wages for weddings and funerals a part of internal research group members and their immediate family members. She will also receive the outstanding graduates of Beijing to attend the graduation ceremony, and their parents to bear the burden of transportation and accommodation back and forth to help students complete the wishes of parents to repay the grace. In 2006, she once called on friends and businesses launched the "Dreams" action, raised 1 million 50 thousand donations, to help Qinghai province 265 poor students round the dream of going to college. Starting from the creation of the task force, she organizes every year to donate clothes, stationery and cash for the orphans of the sun village.
In order to better convey the love, from the beginning of May 2012, the research group secretary in a similar arrangement in the form of funds (hereinafter referred to as the "Starlight remote sensing love fund management group) unified love capital expenditures, income mainly has two aspects, one is Mr. Cao's royalties, reward, class fee income; on the other hand is the internal research group members voluntarily donated money. Love of money spending is also divided into two aspects according to the sources, royalties and bonus income for the group members and their immediate family members such as weddings and funerals; all internal research group members of voluntary donations to help vulnerable groups, such as the Sun Village donated to orphans. At present, the research group has formed around the dedication of love two regular activities, one is not regularly for Sun Village orphans clothes, stationery and cash donations, through our propaganda, there have been some research group of peripheral people love to the sun village through our platform to donate clothing; two is the members of the project group team joined the Beijing Municipal Women's Federation tutoring center volunteers regularly participate in public welfare activities, the dedication of love.
All members of the research group hopes to use this platform to unite more loving people, common in the cause of love to make a difference, so that our love to pass more widely, to benefit more people.
Remote sensing Star Love Fund donated a large number of goods including clothing and headgear and footwear, bags, stationery and other tiles to the village. Send warmth and love to the elderly and children in poor areas.

This matter will be donated - smooth and safe village supplies transported to the destination is a great thing for people to pay hard, salute you!


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