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Foreign media to see China two sessions: has a huge impact on Global Affairs

Posted on:03-22-2017 08:32:13
Original title: British media to see two sessions: has a great influence on Global Affairs
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Promote the healthy development of Shanghai, the rule of disease before the first place

Posted on:03-22-2017 11:51:05
The focus of the focus of the "preventive treatment of disease, health care reform, catch up short board" work, solid and strong promote the healthy construction of Shanghai.
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Listen to the beautiful Chinese sonorous pace blue ecological picture writing

Posted on:03-22-2017 08:52:09
Listen to the beautiful Chinese sonorous pace blue ecological picture writing
Listen to the beautiful Chinese sonorous pace blue ecological picture writing
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Peng Zhao: "Belt and Road Initiative along the country build public health security platform

Posted on:03-22-2017 08:50:50
A member of the CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Peng Zhao submitted to the four session of the twelve CPPCC National Committee spokesman said the material, in recent years
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Xi'an issued a warning event of public health incident occurred in schools can apply for suspension

Posted on:03-22-2017 08:49:35
Once there is an outbreak of the epidemic, should be promptly reported to the education sector and disease control departments, and in accordance with the requirements of the implementation of disinfection and final closure measures.
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How much do you know about the national basic public health service?

Posted on:03-22-2017 08:46:24
1, the state's basic public health services, including what? A: at present, the national basic public health services include 12 categories. Namely: urban and rural residents health archives management services
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The two sessions proposed to incorporate blood fat management into the national basic public health

Posted on:03-22-2017 08:45:24
With the cardiovascular disease has become the first cause of death of our residents, in addition to blood sugar, blood pressure, strengthen the management of blood lipids are also gradually on the agenda.
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NPC deputy Zhang Deming: it is recommended that children's vision health into public health services

Posted on:03-22-2017 08:44:29
People, Beijing, March, 7 (Wang Jun) in recent years, the incidence of myopia increased year by year, the rapid aging of the small glasses more and more, the prevalence of myopia in children ranked first in the world.
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Xinhua statistics: more than 90% users of the two sessions held a positive evaluation

Posted on:03-22-2017 08:43:08
Xinhua news agency, Beijing, March 7, according to the statistical data shows that China's Internet users, NPC and CPPCC on national attention in recent four years gradually increased,
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Two sessions - looking forward to artificial intelligence, China moment"

Posted on:03-22-2017 08:42:28
This year's government work report, in 2017 focused on the task mentioned, accelerate the artificial intelligence technology research and development and transformation, is one of the emerging industries need to foster growth.
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Fu Wenjie on the supervision of the people's Congress to answer questions related to Chinese and for

Posted on:03-22-2017 08:39:48
In March 10th, the five meeting of the twelve National People's Congress, the press center held a press conference, invited the National People's Congress Chairman of the Education Committee Liu Binjie, vice chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Wang Shengming
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Two sessions hot on behalf of members on how to increase efforts to protect the ecological environme

Posted on:03-22-2017 08:35:58
Tianjin radio network March 9th news: this year's government work report proposed to iron fisted governance, and resolutely fight the blue sky, and put forward five specific measures to improve air quality.
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Multiple welfare welcome 38 Chengdu public health services free of charge

Posted on:03-22-2017 08:30:54
Sichuan Chengdu news network March 7th news (reporter Alvarez) "38" International Women's Day is coming, the day before, Chengdu City Planning Commission released the news, reported premarital, pre pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum can enjoy free public health services to the general welfare of women.
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Two sessions of the key assessment of the implementation of micro environmental protection

Posted on:03-22-2017 08:28:16
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Chen Jining, Minister of the Ministry of environmental protection: the solution of environmental pro

Posted on:03-22-2017 08:22:36
This afternoon, the five session of the twelve National People's Congress of the press center held at the media center multi-purpose hall press conference, invited the Minister of environmental protection Chen Jining on issues related to strengthen environmental protection "to answer reporters' questions.
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