Beijing branch invited Japanese experts to hold lectures in the State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensi

Posted on:03-22-2017 09:15:21

In July 31, 2015, the State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science Lecture Series in 2015 seventh and eighth lectures in remote sensing and digital earth Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Olympic Park B202 conference room held smoothly, lecture by the executive director Cao Chunxiang presided over by the "application" function of water in the field of environmental health as the theme, two by the Beijing center invited Japanese experts made a wonderful report at the meeting, nearly 20 staff and Post Graduate Center to participate in the seminar, and on-site interaction and communication with the experts. Morning 9:30-10:30, Tada Yuichi pioneer International Japan Association for the promotion of electrolysis technology director, inventor of functional water production equipment and electrolytic technology promotion issued a "functional water should be used to study the new technology of organic agriculture environment for the title of the report, the contents of the report include" the electrolysis of water to water development function "and" function in water in the field of agriculture application "and" functional water in some countries and regions in the promotion ", focuses on the electrolysis technique used in organic farming, soil pollution purification and improvement, industrial and medical industries case, and puts forward the feasibility of wide use in Chinese. Morning 10:30-11:30, senior Japanese doctor, Takeuchi Michi guide engineering Xinzhou University Japan International Association for the promotion of electrolysis technology published a report entitled "electrolysis technology in the latest research results of" environmental purification applications, reporting process combined with the development of electrolysis technology field shows the relevant scientific experiments, this paper expounds the functions and application in various fields the production mechanism of functional water electrolysis technology principle, showing in environmental protection, human health, environmental hormones and other aspects of the purification of a large number of research results, and introduces the application of the relevant case. Participants and graduate students with the promotion of functional water and the application of remote sensing technology to raise questions and discuss with the speaker. Perform excellent report on two experts on behalf of the State Key Laboratory of remote sensing science director Cao Chunxiang to thank the host, and make a summary and outlook, the remote sensing technology as an important value of application of functional water in the field of agriculture. The lecture lasted a total of two hours, participants and graduate students to actively discuss the exchange of communication, so that this seminar was held successfully. This lecture provides interdisciplinary learning opportunities for a new and profound research workers and Master State Key Laboratory of remote sensing science students, and create a platform on remote sensing technology can play in the application function of the water on the role of good prospects of remote sensing technology and cross professional oriented market.

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