Peng Zhao: "Belt and Road Initiative along the country build public health security platform

Posted on:03-22-2017 08:50:50

A member of the CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Peng Zhao submitted to the four session of the twelve CPPCC National Committee spokesman said the material, in recent years, China is actively promoting the mutual butt and "The Belt and Road along the national development strategy, regional cooperation in a wider scope and higher level, a deeper level. However, due to some perplexing "The Belt and Road along the country's security situation, in the economic and social transformation, economic and trade cooperation and uncertain factors, open the risk can not be ignored.
Peng Zhao believes that China should take the initiative to "The Belt and Road along the country cooperation project to health as the main elements, will be along the country's support, and the formation of" health diplomacy "" livelihood diplomacy "" green diplomacy "mutual promotion of the new situation. To make a positive contribution to health and in the "The Belt and Road countries and regions along the road of ecological civilization and a harmonious way.
Peng Zhao stressed that with China and "The Belt and Road" countries along the scale, frequency of communication continues to expand, cross-border spread of infectious diseases can not be ruled out even the outbreak of large-scale epidemic may be. In Guangxi, for example, from 2009 to 2014, from Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and other 6 countries imported dengue fever in Guangxi, there are 111 cases; the incidence of malaria in the report of the case, the 1885 cases of imported cases. As with the "The Belt and Road along the country in disease prevention and sharing platform and mechanism for joint prevention and control work and lack of effective control of information, our country can not carry out effective early warning and timely response to the outbreak input, the relevant departments should control system detailed rules for the implementation of related policies to prevent disease and jointly issued the border area," The Belt and Road "along the country build public health platform. Source "China Times"

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