How much do you know about the national basic public health service?

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Overview of basic public health services
1, the state's basic public health services, including what? A: at present, the national basic public health services include 12 categories. Namely: urban and rural residents health archives management services, health education services, immunization service, 0 ~ 6 years old children's health management services, maternal health management services, the elderly health management services, health management services, hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus patients with severe mental disease management services, infectious diseases and public health emergencies report and treatment services, health supervision services association, Chinese medicine health management service.
2, the implementation of basic public health services to the residents what benefits? A: basic public health services cover 1 billion 300 million of our population and are closely related to people's lives and health. The implementation of the project can promote the residents health awareness and lifestyle changes, and gradually establish a self health management idea; can reduce a major health risk factors, epidemic prevention and control of infectious disease and chronic disease; can improve the public health service and public health emergency response capabilities, establish the first barrier to safeguard the health of residents, to improve the health of residents have an important role in promoting.
Two, health records management
3, what is the residents health records? A: the residents' health records are the database of the residents' health status. Record the family history of the disease, genetic history and life, work and so on. From the birth records of neonates and infants, preschool children's growth and development, health and preventive health care management information; women's life stages, especially the health management information of pregnancy; prevalence of elderly health management and the period of the healthcare information and so on. In short, health records should be accompanied by life-long residents and comprehensive, continuous health information, it detailed and complete record of the health and prevention of all stages of life, residents of medical and health care, rehabilitation information.
Three, health education
4, what are the basic contents of health education services? A: publicity and popularization of Chinese citizens health literacy, with the relevant departments to carry out the promotion of citizen health literacy.
Health education for young people, women, the elderly, the disabled, children aged 0 to 6 years old, migrant workers.
To carry out health education, such as reasonable diet, weight control, proper exercise, psychological balance, sleep improvement, salt restriction, smoking cessation, alcohol control, drug dependence, detoxification, and other health risk factors.
To carry out health education on hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, asthma, breast cancer and cervical cancer, tuberculosis, hepatitis, AIDS, influenza, hand foot mouth disease and rabies, brucellosis and other key diseases.
To carry out health education on public health issues such as food safety, occupational health, radiological health, environmental sanitation, drinking water hygiene, school health, family planning and so on.
The development of public health emergencies emergency response, disaster prevention and mitigation, family emergency health education.
The popularization of medical and health laws and regulations and related policies.
Four, vaccination
5, vaccination service object is who? A: within the jurisdiction of 0 to 6 years of age children and other key groups (including close contact with infected persons, the elderly, etc.).
6 what are the contents of vaccination services? A: vaccination management. Medical staff in time for all children living within 3 months of the age of 0~6 years, the establishment of vaccination and vaccination cards and other children's vaccination files. Telephone appointment and other means to inform the child guardian, inform the type of vaccination, time, place and attention. Every six months in the area of children's vaccination card verification and collation 1 times.
Vaccination service. According to the national immunization program immunization program, routine vaccination of school-age children. In some provinces or key areas, focus on the crowd to carry out emergency vaccination or vaccination to strengthen immunization.
To deal with and report on children with suspected abnormal reaction to vaccination.
Five, 0 ~ 6 years old children's health management services
7, 0 ~ 6 years old children's health, including what? A: 0 ~ 6 years old children's health management includes: 1. Neonatal full moon health management. Infant health management. Health management of preschool children.
8, 0 ~ 6 years old children receive health management what are the benefits? Answer: 0-6 years old children's health management for the health of the child lay an important foundation for growth. According to the characteristics of children's growth and development in different periods, the children's health care service is carried out in order to protect and promote the development of children's physical and mental health, and reduce the occurrence of disease. At the same time, through the children's health monitoring and screening of key diseases, but also to the child's birth defects, so early detection, early treatment, prevention and control of the occurrence and development of disability, thereby improving the quality of life.

Six, maternal health management services
9, pregnant women can enjoy what health management services? A: pregnant women, from the prenatal period, the entire pregnancy to 42 days postpartum can enjoy the health management services. The contents include: health management in the early pregnancy, health management in the second trimester of pregnancy, health management in the later period of pregnancy, postpartum visit and health inspection service after 42 days postpartum.
Seven, the elderly health management services
10 Why should the elderly health management services? Answer: with the increase of age, the elderly heart, brain and kidney and other organs physiological dysfunction, metabolic disorders, immune dysfunction, susceptibility to hypertension and diabetes, coronary heart disease and cancer and other chronic diseases. The morbidity of these diseases is very high, the development of health management services can be early detection of disease, early treatment can prevent the occurrence and development of the disease, reduce complications, reduce disability and mortality.
11, who can enjoy the elderly health management services? A: the elderly health management service refers to the object of 65 years of age or older, including the age of 65. Those who live in the community more than half of the elderly, both household and non household population, can live in township hospitals and village clinics or community health service center (station) to enjoy the elderly health management services.
12, what are the health management services for the elderly? A: a health management service for the elderly every year. Life style and health assessment. By asking, understanding the elderly health status, self-care ability and smoking, drinking, diet, exercise and other lifestyle, and previous illnesses, the common symptoms and treatment of chronic diseases.
A more comprehensive health examination every year, including general physical examination and auxiliary examination. Auxiliary examinations include blood, urine routine, liver function, renal function, blood glucose, blood fat, abdominal ultrasound, electrocardiogram.
Eight, hypertension patients health management services
13 what is high blood pressure? Answer: to the medical and health institutions to measure blood pressure, not on the same day three measurements: high pressure (systolic blood pressure) are greater than or equal to 140mmHg, or low pressure (diastolic blood pressure) are greater than or equal to 90mmHg, can be diagnosed as hypertension. If hypertensive patients taking antihypertensive drugs, although the measured blood pressure is not high, still belongs to high blood pressure, because it is under the control of blood pressure medication, once stopped antihypertensive drugs, blood pressure will rise.
14 What are the dangers of high blood pressure to the body? Answer: suffering from high blood pressure may not have any symptoms, but high blood pressure is a silent killer, every moment is harming the health of patients. If the blood pressure is not well controlled, the damage to the brain caused by cerebral apoplexy (stroke), hemiplegia, hemiplegia caused by dementia; damage to the heart, can cause angina, myocardial infarction, heart failure; damage to the eyes, can cause retinopathy may even lead to blindness; damage to the kidney, can cause renal insufficiency.

Nine, diabetes management
15, what is diabetes? A: diabetes is an endocrine metabolic disease characterized by elevated blood sugar. If fasting fasting blood glucose, the result is greater than or equal to 7mmoI/L, and in the subsequent review is still higher than this standard, it can be diagnosed as diabetes. Diabetes can be divided into type 1, type 2 and other types, of which more than 90% are type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes mellitus in health management. If the patient is receiving treatment, it is possible to measure the value of blood sugar is not high, but still diabetes, once the effective treatment, blood sugar will rise.
16, diabetes on the human body what harm? Answer: diabetes on the human body harm is mainly manifested in the complications. If blood sugar is not well controlled for a long time, it can cause damage to vital organs such as the brain, heart, nerves, eyes, kidneys, and even lead to disability or death. 3 times higher than the non diabetes prevalence rate of diabetes caused by vascular damage of heart, brain and vascular injury; because of lower limb amputees were 10 times more than non diabetes; advanced diabetic nephropathy can cause uremia; diabetic eye disease caused by blind people are 25 times higher than the non diabetes. In addition, diabetes is often accompanied by multiple peripheral neuropathy and autonomic nerve damage as well as a variety of different parts of the infection.
17, to participate in patients with diabetes health management services can bring benefits to patients? Answer: diabetic patients in health management services can get physicians active, continuous service; patients to establish healthy life style under the guidance of a doctor, rational use of hypoglycemic drugs, blood glucose control in the ideal level, and minimize the harm to health caused by diabetes; in the management process, the doctor will find other health problems, timely adjust the treatment plan; when there is a critical symptoms or other health problems that cannot be handled by the doctor will guide the patients to emergency referral of patients and their families; reduce mental stress, ease caused by disease control is not ideal economic pressure.
Ten, heavy mental illness patients management services
18 what is a serious mental illness? A: a serious mental illness is a mental illness characterized by a severe loss of mental activity that can not be fully debated about one's health or an objective reality, or cannot control his own behavior. Patients due to brain dysfunction resulting in cognition, emotion, volition and behavior of mental activity with varying degrees of disorder, hallucinations, delusions, manifestations of thought disorder, movement disorder, and social life ability seriously damaged. Including schizophrenia, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, epilepsy, mental retardation, mental retardation and mental disorders.
19 how to find patients with severe mental illness? A: the timely detection of patients with severe mental illness can make patients get early treatment, correct intervention, to avoid the development of the disease. If the family found the following phenomenon: to arouse the attention of difficulty falling asleep, easy to wake; emotional indifference, lose the enthusiasm of the past; love alone, himself from laughing, lazy life, in a daze, out of wandering, night home; sensitive oversuspicious, silent, not with people; language, topic, expression the statement is simple and monotonous; from the reality, indulge in fantasy medium. The family found that the performance should take the initiative to contact the community health service center or township hospital doctors, get their help and guidance.

Eleven, infectious diseases and public health emergencies reporting and processing services
20 what is an infectious disease? A communicable disease is a disease caused by a variety of pathogens that can be transmitted between humans and animals and animals or between humans and animals. Mainly there:
Air borne infectious disease. Such as: influenza, tuberculosis, mumps, measles, whooping cough, etc..
Infectious diseases of digestive tract caused by diet. Such as: bacterial dysentery, hepatitis A.
Infectious diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, blood, etc.. Such as hepatitis B, malaria, epidemic encephalitis B, filariasis, etc..
Infectious diseases transmitted by contact with the body surface. Such as: schistosomiasis, trachoma, rabies, tetanus, gonorrhea, etc..
21 what is the public health emergencies? Answer: refers to public health emergencies happen suddenly, cause or reason unknown group of major infectious diseases, may cause serious damage to public health and disease, major food poisoning and occupation poisoning, and other serious public health event.
Twelve, health supervision and management services
22 what is health supervision? A: health supervision is a specific administrative act of the government. The government health administrative departments at all levels to safeguard the health rights of citizens, according to the health laws and regulations and standards, the specific people and institutions, such as medical institutions, food industry, poison industry, public places, water supply units, schools and other units of the relevant health work, make a mandatory, and inspection and punishment and guidance to behavior. To ensure that the residents and social health and safety.
23 what is the health supervision co? Answer: health supervision association refers to the township hospitals, village clinics and Community Health Service Center (station) and other primary health care institutions, assist the county (city or district) health supervision institutions, to carry out the food safety information report, in the area of occupation health consultation, health and safety of drinking water and sanitation, illegal school medicine and illegal blood collecting and supplying information feedback reports and other work, and receive professional guidance of health supervision institutions.
24, what is the health management service? Answer: 65 years of age and above for the elderly to do the physical identification of the traditional Chinese medicine in the past, according to the different constitution of individual health guidance of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the past 1 years. For 0 to 36 months, the main health problems of children, children at the age of 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, when the children of parents, caregivers of children with traditional Chinese medicine nursed back to health guidance.
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