Listen to the beautiful Chinese sonorous pace blue ecological picture writing

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Listen to the beautiful Chinese sonorous pace blue ecological picture writing

Since the eighteen party put forward "efforts to build a beautiful China", China's ecological civilization construction into the fast lane. In the process of building a well-off society in an all-round way, the ecological environment is a prominent short board in many places. To implement the concept of green development, step by step, for a long time to work around, can get out of a win-win economic development and ecological improvement in the road, ushered in the picturesque scenery beautiful China.

Listen to the beautiful Chinese sonorous pace blue ecological picture writing
"To protect the ecological environment, like the eyes, like the treatment of life as the ecological environment." NPC and CPPCC during 2016, general secretary Xi Jinping Qinghai delegation to participate in the deliberations, asked in detail about the protection of the ecological environment in Qinghai Province, and has repeatedly stressed that "we cannot owe children debt, must fulfill its responsibility for the ages to come to have the responsibility for".
Over the past year, the general secretary of the Commission in the ear. This year's two sessions, NPC deputies on the past year to answer the green, depicting the future work of the ecological environment of confidence and expectations.
Green sense of ascension
"Looking back over the past year has been a tough year, a year of struggle, and a year of great success." The National People's Congress, NPC Environmental and Resources Protection Committee Vice Chairman Wang Yunlong said, this achievement is made strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping at the core of the. Since the party's eighteen years, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the ecological civilization construction and environmental protection aspects of the discussion, the weight of the heavy, profound exposition of unprecedented.
People of all ethnic groups to watch the blue sky, breathe fresh air, drink clean water desire is a step by step into a reality, a sense of green constantly rising." Deputies from the Qinghai delegation feeling a lot. Data show that in 2016, Qinghai province key ecological environmental remediation effect is obvious, the main city excellent air quality days ratio reached 75.5%, the province's energy consumption per unit of GDP decreased by 6%, major pollutants emission reduction targets completed.
Turning to the ecological changes in Shanxi, the National People's Congress, Yang Gengyu, President of North China Institute of Science and Technology has the most intuitive experience. Last year, I participated in the National People's Congress Standing Committee on the implementation of the Shanxi environmental protection law enforcement inspection, clear water and blue sky beyond my expectations." According to statistics, in 2016, Shanxi took the lead in the country to protect the public welfare law, and comprehensively promote the comprehensive management of the Fenhe River Basin, completed afforestation 4 million acres. Strengthen the atmosphere, water, soil pollution control, out of yellow cars and old cars 172 thousand.

In Inner Mongolia, the most serious action to combat deforestation and land reclamation has continued. "The national forest, Greater Khingan Range guard generation. In recent years, in order to protect the wild animal resources, Oroqen hunting ban." The National People's Congress, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Oroqen autonomous banners He Shengbao pointed out that in the past year, Oroqen Autonomous Banner, in-depth implementation of the "ecological flag" strategy, to promote the Nenjiang river management and soil and water conservation project, farmland of 42 thousand acres of forests, key areas of green 5016 acres, the voluntary tree planting 380 thousand, improvement of rural land 1719 mu. Mine ecological restoration of 66 acres.
Beautiful rural construction in Anhui has also made a brilliant report card". 2016, combined with the construction of the beautiful countryside, Anhui completed more than 20 thousand natural village environmental remediation, a large number of dirty and poor village environmental health has been effectively improved. Currently, the province's rural garbage disposal rate of 85%, the village garbage disposal rate of up to 60%.
From the Anhui Provincial People's Congress of Huainan City, Panji District Hui Gu Gou Xiang Tai Ping Cun Liu Qin, the past of Taiping village poor infrastructure, environmental mess. But now, in front of every house is a cement, green also covered the whole village, every household has hidden sewer door. "Now, our village has been identified as the provincial beautiful rural construction demonstration village!"
To ensure that a river of water to the east"

Qinghai is the birthplace of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and Lancang river. Last year, the general secretary Xi Jinping instructions: we must protect the source of Sanjiang, protect the "Chinese water tower", to ensure that a river of water to the east".
A year later, in Qinghai Province, Sanjiang source pilot national park system has been in full swing, five level management entities in rural counties, the completion of the formation of "point, line, surface into network management system" is being formed; key source of Sanjiang two, Qilian Mountains, returning farmland to forest and natural forest protection and ecological engineering to accelerate the implementation of the ecological situation is getting better.
Qinghai Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Guide, Sanjiang is located in the source area, the local ecological environment protection is not good, directly related to the source of the mother river water quality." The National People's Congress, Guide County river Yin Zhen Da Shi Jia village Party Secretary Bi Shengzhong pointed out that in order to protect the local ecological environment, some areas of Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the implementation of "grazing", and vigorously promote reforestation project construction.
Water conservation, non overnight Kung fu. It is understood that in 2017, Qinghai province will continue to promote the Sanjiang national park system pilot work, completed 30 major tasks and 1 billion yuan for infrastructure projects of high quality, grasp the complete source of Sanjiang National Park legislation foundation work, grasp the implementation of Sanjiang source two, Qilian Mountains protection construction, South Green Mountain and other major ecological projects. Perfect "screen two belts" ecological pattern.

North china. "The Haihe River Basin is densely populated, covering Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, and other regions. However, the Haihe River water resources are very scarce, the ecological environment is very fragile." National People's Congress, Pan Junfeng, director of the Shanxi Provincial Water Resources Department, said that due to the fact that most parts of Shanxi than the North China Plain elevation of nearly 1000 meters above sea level, the Haihe River Basin, there are 5 major river systems originated in Shanxi. For example, Yongding is the source of the river and Sanggan River in Tanghe and Shahe is the source of Qinghe, Hutuo River is the source of the Ziya river. Shanxi each year nearly 4 billion cubic meters of water to the downstream provinces, accounting for more than 1/3 of the surface water in North china.
Shanxi good water ecology, water ecology in North China is good. Shanxi river dried up, North China will become the four largest river of water. To protect water security in North China, it is necessary to protect the "Shanxi water tower."." Pan Junfeng representative said, but in recent decades, Shanxi's water environment is deteriorating rapidly. It is suggested that the Haihe River Basin source restoration project should be implemented at the national level, and the ecological compensation mechanism should be set up.
Protection of water resources, not only to seize the water tower, the source, but also to stare at the "agriculture" of the large water. In China, agricultural water accounts for 70% of the total water consumption of the whole society, if all the implementation of efficient water-saving irrigation, it can save up to 2/3 of water consumption." Pan Junfeng representative said.
Ecological protection is a long way to go
See the results, but also to recognize the seriousness of the problem. The environmental problem is formed for a long time, and it also needs a long process." Wang Yunlong said, as long as the firm confidence, conscientiously implement the general secretary of the important discussion about the construction of ecological civilization, so that the heart, eyes bright, bright Tuiqin, hand hard, we will be able to achieve a fundamental change.

As the guardian of beautiful scenery many deputies, positive suggestions. "Waste is not equal to pollutants, the realization of resource utilization is the best way to deal with agricultural waste. Annual output of 36 tons of livestock and poultry waste, if used, it is rich in resources, if not treated, it is serious pollution." The National People's Congress, planning and Design Institute of Ministry of agriculture, vice president Zhao Lixin said, according to the Ministry of agriculture "one year, two years, three years pilot rolled out a big success, five years to complete the work requirements, is expected to 2020 can achieve large-scale livestock and poultry farms waste of resources utilization.
In the process of protecting the birthplace of the river, there are many difficulties to be solved. These sources are often economically difficult, complex ecological situation. In the process of ecological protection, it is often faced with the dilemma of "big task and little money", and it also involves the problem of how to protect and develop.
Because of the lack of financial investment, the enthusiasm and initiative of farmers and herdsmen to return farmland to forest and grassland are less." Bi Shengzhong suggested that the government should take into account the difficulties faced by poor areas and poor households, increase efforts to return farmland to forests and grasslands.
Wang Yunlong representatives also believe that should increase the support of the water tower area. He suggested that in the management of the Haihe River, the Yongding river at the same time, the overall governance also upstream of Sanggan River Watershed in Shanxi focusing on afforestation and wetland protection. (reporter Li Zhe, He Chuanlin)
Original title: this year, the ecological picture carefully drawn
(source: Economic Daily)


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