Environmental health remote sensing research team to carry out China's tree flu prediction risk fiel

Posted on:03-29-2017 07:43:32
Environmental health remote sensing research team to carry out China's tree flu prediction risk fiel

        With the increasing impact of global climate change on forest ecosystems, human production and life of the globalization and the close forest wood products trade, the outbreak and spread of forest pests increasingly frequent and fast, caused by the economic, social and ecological risk aggravating, "tree flu" is a typical one of them.

       The "tree flu" names "sudden oak death" (Sudden Oak, Death, SOD), the disease is caused by the devastating forest and ornamental plant diseases, can cause fatal damage to the trees in a short period of time. By "tree flu" disease can spread infection of leaves, twigs, plants and plant seedlings, after the infection has no effective prevention methods. With the development of globalization, a regional disease carrying or transfer to another region more easily than in the past, and spread in the new environment factors such as lack of natural enemies, leading to irreversible ecological disaster.

        Under this background, lead researcher Cao Chunxiang environmental health remote sensing research team carried out a study on risk early warning and remote sensing diagnosis tree flu "outbreak, and the State Forestry Bureau of forestry of welfare industry research special funding, the public special remote sensing data based on the establishment of a global" tree flu "environmental background factor data set, research the" tree flu "temporal and spatial distribution characteristics of the world; based on remote sensing and GIS spatial information technology as the main means of analysis of the influence of" the main environmental factor tree flu "distribution and spread, and classify their suitable area in the global potential; according to the pest risk assessment theory, establish evaluation index system and early-warning model the tree flu invasion risk, potential invasion and spread risk for" tree flu "forecast early warning in Chinese.

        Through the study of the special public found nearby China South Himalaya mountains area in the short term, in the long term is in the high risk of invasion, although not yet broke out in China, but its main host plants are widely distributed in China, once the invasion of the pathogen China typical high risk zone, the disease will spread rapidly, and in the short term to reach the peak of the outbreak, which changes the forest tree species in China, resulting in China's forest ecosystem function serious split, cause great damage to our country's forest resources and forest ecological construction, to social economy and people's quality of life have a huge impact.

       In order to get to the "tree flu" outbreak and spread the risk prediction results verify the basic research teams in the comprehensive consideration of "tree flu" climate range of host plants, and a host of different bacteria bearing transmission capacity, select the 4 area, Wuxi County, Chongqing the low risk of Pingbian County in Yunnan Province, Jiangxi Taihe County of Hainan Province, Baisha County as a risk prediction demonstration area, in November 2016 5-10 in Wuxi, in Pingbian on November 24-28, December 5-9 in Taihe, March 2017 8-11 in the white sand to carry out field investigation.

"Tree flu" outbreak risk demonstration area (Chongqing City, Wuxi Province, Yunnan Province, Pingbian Province, Taihe County, Jiangxi Province, Baisha County, Hainan)

Experimental investigation of "tree flu" field investigation

        The experimental investigation in the experimentation area of forest plots 26, explored the composition, distribution and structure parameters of each host species plots; extraction temperature, rainfall and other climate information; collecting sample health and non health plants of 60; 42 of the plant leaf spectral measurement; constructed the "tree flu" host vegetation spectral library. The results showed that the host plant of "tree flu" had a good growth and extensive distribution in the risk area. It is also found in Pingbian County of Yunnan Province, the Chinese fir broke out like tree flu "yellows, experimental group were sampled on diseased plants and served on the relevant departments to carry out inspection.
The public special theoretical prediction research and field investigation and verification based on the diagnosis of "remote sensing spatial information technology tree flu" and the outbreak of risk prediction, the distribution of the disease can obtain the potential host, found the "tree flu" space-time distribution and propagation rule, recognition of the Chinese "tree flu" the potential outbreak of high risk areas, and services to maximize the protection of forest resources in China, the protection of national ecological security.

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