Study on remote sensing of Environmental Health Office of Yichang Dalaoling forest field experiments

Posted on:03-22-2017 08:00:06

From October 17, 2016 to October 22nd, in the Hubei survey and Design Institute and Dalaoling Nature Reserve Management Station under the coordination of environmental health, remote sensing research is composed of Chinese students, Iran students, Pakistan students and Thailand students in Three Gorges International evaluation research field experiment team successfully completed the work of field experiment of Dalaoling forest farm.
Dalaoling forest farm is located in the Yangtze River Xiling gorge on the north shore of Yichang District of Yiling City, Zigui County, Xingshan county at the junction. Geographical coordinates for the East diameter 100 degrees' 47 '- - 111 degrees' 00', latitude of 30 degrees' 13 '--31' 04 '07' 21. From the center of the city of Hubei, 98km, from the Three Gorges Dam 50km, with a total area of 5972hm2, is located in the northern edge of the Zhongshan landform in the north subtropical zone of Yichang. Forest trees, mountain scenery, Lin Feng Bogor, rich animal and plant resources, known as the "green treasure house" and "animal paradise".

      A field experiment is part of the State Forestry Administration jointly Chinese Institute of remote sensing and Digital Earth Institute and other units to implement the "Three Gorges reservoir ecological barrier zone ecological benefit monitoring and evaluation method of the project". The purpose of this study is to investigate and analyze the existing monitoring resources and existing problems in the ecological barrier area of the Three Gorges Reservoir area. The project from the CAS Institute of remote sensing and digital earth environmental health director, researcher Cao Chunxiang proposed "environmental health remote sensing diagnosis" concept in 2010, monitoring and evaluation of environmental health in Three Gorges Reservoir Area by using remote sensing technology, put forward the scientific guidance for the development and protection of the environment. In recent years, the environmental health research institute has put forward the idea of using collaborative remote sensing inversion technology to monitor the ecological benefits of the Three Gorges Reservoir area.
In the course of the experiment, part of the experimental team is in steep mountains, rain experiment. Chinese students and foreign students to carry forward the charge in front, unwilling to post the spirit of the people to actively respond to difficulties, overcome difficulties, the successful completion of the experimental objectives. Especially in the face of Iran The climate does not suit one. difficulties when the students, Pakistan students and Thailand students to adapt to the harsh environment, do not delay the experimental arrangement of the spirit, touched by the other team members with the accompanying teachers. The field experiment group collected 5 samples of single wood GPS point, tree height and DBH parameters in 14 thousand hectares of protected areas, 2 of the average tree height and DBH of dominant tree species in sample data, LAI value, and more than 30 species of leaf chlorophyll content and spectral information of samples. The experimental data obtained can not only reflect the large aged forest ecological structure and ecological environment, can also for the evaluation of ecological benefit and healthy ecological barrier zone in the Three Gorges Reservoir area research provides a lot of experience and achievements, the Three Gorges reservoir is the research techniques and evaluation methods of measuring the ecological benefit of ecological barrier zone monitoring a good start. At present, the laboratory is sorting out the field experiment data, starting with the research on the parameter estimation technology of forest vegetation spatial and temporal change fast extraction and forest stock volume.

The team with the Dalaoling management survey photo

Forest structure parameter measurement

Field sample collection

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