Seven years of research, the amount of wetland ecology, green land protection

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Wetland is one of the three ecosystems in the world, known as "the kidney of the earth", is one of the most productive ecosystems on the earth. Wetland is not only for human production and life to provide a wealth of material resources, but also has a huge ecological function and high ecological benefits, to maintain the ecological balance of the earth is of great significance.
Wetland ecosystem is one of the most vulnerable ecosystems in the world. It is affected by climate change and human activities. According to the second national wetland resources survey, in the past ten years (2003-2012), China's wetland area decreased by 3 million 396 thousand and 300 hectares, the reduction rate was about 8.82%. In the face of Chinese wetland degradation, wetland assessment work started late, and there is no current situation of wetland ecosystem evaluation standards, in order to wetland protection China provide scientific support, Chinese Institute of remote sensing and Digital Earth Institute researcher Cao Chunxiang began in 2009, took three years to lead the development of a wetland ecological system scientific and reasonable and operational evaluation index system. Based on the three aspects of wetland ecosystem health, function and value, a total of 28 indicators were evaluated. In February 29, 2012, the State Forestry Bureau of science and Technology Commission organized the 17 experts in the field of the index system of wetland is discussed. And the argumentation shall be presided over by the Forestry Science Institute chief scientist Professor Jiang Zehui, the experts unanimously agreed to the index system, and suggestions to promote the implementation of nationwide.

Wetland ecosystem evaluation index system science and Technology Commission expert demonstration expert photo

      2012-2015, Chinese Institute of remote sensing and Digital Earth Institute of Environmental Health Research Office of the State Forestry Administration Cooperative East China Institute and the Northwest Institute, "Application of wetland ecosystem evaluation index system", the ecological system of the 45 wetlands of international importance and the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region 20 national important wetland evaluation work, thus changing ecological conditions in China, the trend of the wetlands of international importance to fully grasp, to regulate China's wetland evaluation research, a clear focus and direction, the national wetland protection measures will have a profound influence on wetland protection and utilization is reasonable, and provide important reference and scientific reference for China and global Wetland Ecosystem Assessment framework and method system. Cao Chunxiang personally led the researcher at the Chinese Academy of remote sensing, to overcome the harsh climate, altitude sickness, rugged journey and other difficulties, the successful completion of Ordos wetland, Zaling Lake wetland, Bitahai wetland 8 plateau wetland field experimental work.


            Soil sample collection                             Conduct interviews with management personnel

Group photo with wetland management staff

      After the end of the experiment, the environmental health research team under the guidance of researcher Cao Chunxiang will be 45 international important wetland evaluation work summary has become a monograph of China's international important wetland ecosystem assessment. The book was officially published by Science Press in September 2016. A total of 53.4 words, divided into 5 chapters. The book introduces the construction of theoretical methods and technical process evaluation index system of wetland ecosystem, the evaluation results and the threat of wetland ecosystem China 45 international important wetland area, characteristics, current situation and present overview, demonstrates the evaluation system of wetland ecological system the feasibility and application prospect.

Monograph on the evaluation of wetland ecosystem in China

       November 4, 2016, from the United States to visit academic researcher Cao Chunxiang only half a month personally led to Hubei, to carry out the ecological system of Yangtze River in Liangzi Lake and wetland Swan Island Lake, the field experiment network evaluation. In cooperation with local wetland management departments, we collected 50 soil samples and 600 GPS samples, and obtained a large number of land use types, vegetation type, vegetation cover data of electronic and 150 public understanding and awareness of wetland survey, 20 wetland ecosystem function evaluation questionnaire and 4 one of the indexes for evaluation of the relative importance of comments questionnaire and a large number of comprehensive survey data protection area for many years. Through on-the-spot investigation and interview and wetland management department, the team carried out a systematic understanding of Hubei Province three wetland ecosystem, and put forward some suggestions and recommendations for protection and management.


 Soil sample collection                                             Questionnaire survey

Cao Chunxiang researcher to the Hubei Provincial Forestry Department introduced wetland ecosystem evaluation system

      The present study room is Professor Cao Chunxiang under the guidance of the field experiment data were collected within the industry evaluation work, the entire wetland is expected to completed in early December. According to the evaluation results and the actual situation of the work, the index system was further improved. In the future work, the application of researcher Cao Chunxiang will lead the team to further promote the "evaluation system" of the wetland ecosystem, the "evaluation system" of wetland ecosystem scale, the objective evaluation of the condition of wetlands ecosystem, to provide scientific support for wetland management and utilization of wetland resources, wetland resources protection, green land and protect our country the.

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