"Tree flu" research results support forestry public welfare industry research special

Posted on:03-22-2017 07:39:42

Recently, the application of the project researcher Cao Chunxiang "tree flu research" risk remote sensing diagnosis and early warning has been officially approved by the State Forestry Bureau, becoming the 2015 year forestry welfare industry research special, this is this year China Academy of Sciences approved this category only one of two projects. The "tree flu" is a place in the plant disease, a plant "foot-and-mouth disease", is the name of sudden oak death (Sudden Oak, Death, SOD). Since the 1993 International "pathogen oak tree flu" sudden death pathogen, the disease affected area is gradually expanded, it caused the Quercus, Lithocarpus, larch and other forest and nursery rapid large-scale death has greatly destroyed part of North American and European countries seriously affected forest resources. The local ecological protection, caused huge economic losses. Due to its wide host plants, rapid propagation speed, and serious harm, "tree flu" has attracted great attention in the world. Many countries in the world, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and the European Union countries have listed it as an important risk quarantine objects. L2 months of 2006 and February 2007, China's imports in Belgium and Germany Rhododendron were detected on the disease, this is our first time to intercept the disease, but due to the current in our country didn't occur, therefore has not caused enough attention of domestic experts and scholars and managers, especially for the outbreak and spread of risk distribution of colonization prediction and early warning of lack of attention. During the PhD in Japan since the long-term accumulation in the direction of Remote Sensing Research on forest and keen sense of smell after returning to public health and the direction of the outstanding work based on the results of the 2010 Cao Chunxiang study found that the lack of domestic research in the "tree flu", and officially started in the direction of thinking and exploration. The project "analysis of spatial information technology based on the Chinese tree and forest health risk correlation research" was reviewed by the Fund Committee and officially approved in 2011 for the National Natural Science Fund, the project focuses on the "tree flu" risk and Forest Health Study on the relationship between the China "flu" outbreak and the spread of risk prediction, diagnosis and evaluation of Chinese forest health. The project will be concluded at the end of this year, has achieved outstanding results, based on the project has been funded by the successful cultivation of tree flu related research doctoral and master. By thinking about the similarities and differences between China and worldwide "tree flu" research methods and research results in the urgent need for national forestry bureau in China forest resources safety monitoring and protection, to the "tree flu outbreak risk remote diagnosis and early warning research" as the theme, researcher Cao Chunxiang proposed in 2014 the forestry public industry project the application, after nearly a year of assessment eventually approved, becoming one of only two types of items in the 2015 Annual Academy of Sciences approved on. The project will expand the horizons of "tree flu" research from China to the world, and with the international frontier research on the collision and the results of the comparison. The National Science Foundation and the support of the State Forestry Administration Based on remote sensing of environmental health in room years of fruitful results in forest remote sensing and public health direction as the foundation, through the "tree flu" Research on expanding ideas and deepen investment, Cao Chunxiang research team has a scientific analysis of "tree flu" in possibility, the spread of the outbreak of the different regions of China has made an important contribution to the accurate assessment of the risk China and the world, the future will further through the study of "healthy forest tree flu related China for the protection of forest resources, to provide technical support and services to protect national forestry ecological safety.

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